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Early Childhood Track-a-Thon raises over $56,000 MXN for School in Need

The Early Childhood Track-a-Thon was fun, heartwarming and massively successful. It was a beautiful thing to see all the families and staff joining together to help our friends in Jardin de Niños Manuel Gomez Morfin!

The last envelopes are coming in, and we are celebrating a total of 56,067 pesos! We have surpassed our goal by over 11,000 pesos and I know the children succeeded so enormously because of the amazing support from their families.

Thanks to everyone, we'll be able to resume work on the library and will be able to finish the building as well as begin to add the necessary interior equipment to get started!

"There is no greater inspiration than empowering children to help other children." - Gary Graves

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