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Ms. Becky and the Seniors Outdid Themselves this Children's Day

This year's Children's Day was spectacular thanks to the class of 2022 and a little magic from Ms. Becky. This year's theme was nostalgic for boomers, millennials, Gen Z, and all of Primary School as cartoons from every generation where represented; from "The Flinstones" to "Dora the Explorer". Stations included balloon toss, slip n' slide, Holi powder wars, and more. The day was concluded with a play and various dances from our teachers and assistants and our special guests, Jerry and Kathy. Cheers could be heard from Plaza Marina as kids saw their favorite characters performed by their favorite teachers and assistants. The class of 2022 very lovingly ensured all of Primary School had a blast and felt like winners. Check out the photos to see them carrying the young ones across finish lines and under limbo bars all in the name of fun (and maybe a little in the name of winning). Congrats to all!

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