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University and
College Counseling


The American School of Puerto Vallarta makes every effort to help students build on their successes as they move on from ASPV.  The majority will attend colleges and universities both here in Mexico and around the world.  You can see our most current profile here. We also support students who wish to take a gap year or pursue other avenues in finding the resources they need. Taking into consideration the uniqueness of each student, the College Guidance counselor assists students and parents in identifying and applying to colleges. Location, college major, and cost are examples of significant factors that determine the best “match” for each student as well as learning styles and extra curricular interests. ASPV helps students identify colleges where students can thrive, learn, and network with peers in order to find joy and success as they work toward their goals.


ASPV students and parents are encouraged to contact our College Guidance counselor, Ms. Allison Marx , with any questions or for an appointment.

Seminar class is a weekly class that all students attend. It is taught by our college guidance counselor. 

  • In grade 10 the focus is on vocational guidance. 

  • In grade 11 the focus is on starting the college /university process. We assist students with all stages of the application process including testing (both juniors and sophomores take the PSAT during school time and the SAT is offered on campus several times per year), creating a college list, help with revising college application essays, interview preparation and practice,  information about scholarships, attending college fairs and meeting with representatives from both Mexican and foreign colleges and universities.

  • In grade 12 students complete and submit college/university applications and discuss the practical next steps from visa applications to surviving cold weather and doing laundry.

College Admission Testing 

The American School of Puerto Vallarta is an official test center for both the SAT and TOEFL. The SAT or the ACT (administered in Guadalajara) are required as a part of the application to many colleges and universities around the world. Students must register for the test and pay the test fees on their established account on College Board. When ASPV students register for the test they will enter their current high school code (ASPVs code is 870900) and the code for the test center at which they want to test (ASPV test center code is 69227). ASPV typically administers the SAT in October, November, December, May and June. Students wishing to take a December or January SAT will need to go to Guadalajara or another testing center.

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