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Early Childhood is the foundation for lifelong learning. In these first critical years of our dual immersion program, students are engaged in projects and learning through play in collaboration with classmates and teachers.

Th Early Childhood program is teacher-directed and child-guided. It promotes choices and problem solving in the learning process.



Our educational approach in Primary School focuses on collaborative learning in a small group environment with teacher guided instruction. Our highly qualified teachers challenge each student to develop their abilities to the fullest through critical thinking, high standards, and character development.

Students also participate in various efforts to help those in need as part of the program. Our students are well-rounded learners committed to enriching their communities.

The program is a dual immersion language learning model with an academically rigorous curriculum in an emotionally supportive environment. 

The program is accredited by COGNIA and SAIS.


Our project-based learning program for Middle School & High School is taught in dynamic learning environments where students are encouraged to work together to solve problems.

The program promotes collaboration and critical thinking using an interdisciplinary approach to science, technology, engineering, and math, plus a strong participation in arts and sports, and a serious commitment to service learning and sustainability. Additionally, students are offered Advanced Placement (AP) classes, approved by the College Board.

Students graduate with a Mexican bachillerato diploma, which includes the program endorsed by the Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP) and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and a U.S. High School Diploma accredited by COGNIA and SAIS.

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