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2022 Vamun Logo White.png

VAMUN 2022

March 30th, 2022

 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

The American School of Puerto Vallarta 

All About VAMUN


Model United Nations conference hosted by The American School of Puerto Vallarta where students act as United Nations delegates and participate in caucuses with the purpose of discussing real life world problems in UN committees. 
In MUN, students develop a variety of skills such as public speaking, leadership, confidence,  compromise, critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork.

Meet the Secretariat

17 Perez Romano Lionn 0P5A8040.jpg


Secretary General

24 Villanueva Salcedo Paulina 0P5A8115.jpg


Vice Secretary General

04 Bonnin Mejia Lucia 0P5A7921.jpg


Head of Chairs

06 Meza Aranzabal Gabriela 0P5A9265.jpg


Public Relations

06 Escoto Gomez Laiza 0P5A7931.jpg



19 Ramirez Takata Braulio 0P5A8063.jpg


Logistics Coordinator

20 Rice Radilla Michael 0P5A8068.jpg


Logistics Coordinator


General Assembly

The Water Crisis Looming over Pakistan


click here for background paper 

Chair: Regina

Co-chair: Ana Ceci

Security Council

Chair: Braulio

Co-chair: Lianna

Office of Drugs and Crime

Illicit Substances Manufacture and Trade

click here for background paper

Chair: Michael

Co-chair: Sebástian

World Health Organization

Chair: Makenna

Co-chair: Joel

Human Rights Council

Stopping the International Increase of Human Trafficking

click here for background paper

Chair: Gabriela

Co-chair: Mateo

Historical Committee

Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

click here for background paper

Chair: Miranda

Co-chair: Samantha

Harry Potter Committee

The Second Wizarding War

click here for background paper

Chair: Laiza

Co-chair: Elijah

This Year's Special Guest

Dr. Julieta Fierro Gossman studied Physics and Astrophysics at the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. As a researcher, she conducted studies on the chemical composition of interstellar matter and she has played an outstanding role as a popularizer of science.


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