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So What Exactly is Accreditation?

Last year The American School of Puerto Vallarta was visited by an accreditation team from the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). During their visit, the accreditation team spoke to our Board, our administrative team, some teachers, some parents, and various student groups in order to evaluate not only that ASPV meets national standards but also that we are meeting our goals. It is essential that those goals align with our mission. We first went through this rigorous process in 1990 and have maintained our accreditation over the years. To date, we are still the only school in the region accredited in both Mexico and the United States. Accreditation is a status granted by an authorized organization, in our case SAIS and Cognia, who themselves are authorized nationally to accredit schools. But what exactly does this mean for our students and their families?

ASPV goes through a thorough review of all the things that matter to you as parents and guardians; the commitment to our mission, leadership, how we teach and how students learn, communication with all of our stakeholders, and the resources and support systems that ensure we are always evolving in a process of continuous improvement. Accreditation examines the school's vision, mission, and all the details of its operation and guarantees that our students and their families (always our most important stakeholders) are partners in education.

Accreditation gives our families the assurance that an independent team of peers has objectively reviewed ASPV (and continues to indefinitely) to ensure our mission aligns with our goals and that we are continuously improving in all areas. We hope this gives our families peace of mind.

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