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Letters from the General Director

Good morning everyone,
SEP Jalisco has finally given us some indication as to what the 2020-2021 school year is going to look like. They have determined that the year will begin on Monday, August 24th with online learning. As you know, we are preparing for this scenario in various ways. Teachers are seeking ways to enhance their skills in online learning and fine-tune their classes. We will set up synchronous schedules so that students and parents are very clear as to when students need to be online and when they do not, based on their developmental levels. Teachers will be in close contact with their students, in whole group sessions, small group sessions and individual meetings as well. We are investing in additional technology, intelligent tracking cameras and surround sound microphones to set up innovative learning scenarios. This will allow for flexible options for live teaching from the classroom as well as greater opportunities for interactive classes. We are ready!
To ensure a smooth beginning, we will be hosting small group meetings on campus (for those that can) to make sure that students understand the processes to be followed online, receive their materials and meet their teachers and counselor. These sessions will take place from Monday August 24th through Friday August 28th. Our principals will be sending out full information and schedules before then to let you know the details for this week and the schedule thereafter.
We will continue to offer your children the high level of education to which you are accustomed, keeping a close eye on our students’ mental, emotional and physical health, focusing on the whole child. Our teachers and principals will make sure each and every child is working to his/her potential. We will continue to build the values and abilities required to inspire each child to further their education and pursue their dreams. During the conference this morning, the Jalisco Minister of Education and the Governor both emphasized that the homeschooling programs that have creeped up on social media are not valid options in Mexico and went so far as to call them fraudulent. Homeschooling is not accredited in this country, so please be careful.
We can’t wait to have you back on campus, but until then, let’s adapt to today’s reality and embrace change. Together we are stronger!