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Community Service

Community Service is an integral part of the academic and values program of our school.



Service-Learning is a teaching methodology that enriches learning by engaging students in meaningful service through careful integration with established academic curricula. Authentic service-learning…

  • Incorporates service activities into academic studies
  • Provides concrete opportunities for youth to learn new skills, think critically and test new roles
  • Involves “youth voice” from the beginning
  • Provides structured time for students to think, talk, or write about their experiences
  • Provides students with the opportunities to use newly acquired skills and knowledge in real-life situations in their communities
  • Extends learning beyond the classroom and helps foster a sense of caring for others



  • Promotes personal and social development
  • Engages students in creative problem solving
  • Adds relevance to academic learning, makes learning fun
  • Builds positive self-esteem
  • Cultivates civic responsibility
  • Connects students with the community
  • Exposes students to careers
  • Provides hands-on experience



Every year, each class in the Primary School chooses a community need to address. These projects are serviced based and allow our students the opportunity to authentically help others as well as to learn from their service experience. The projects are student-selected and tailored to align to the grade level curriculum. Projects focus on community needs and range from working within communities to raising funds for worthy causes. For more information on the community service projects the primary school pursues go to this link.

Examples of student-led community service projects in the Lower School are:

  • Beach Clean-up and Preservation Efforts along the coasts of Jalisco and Nayarit.



In the Middle and High Schools service learning in individual and group projects is part of the curriculum. At the beginning of each year, students sign up for projects and can also become trained as project leaders. For more information on the community service projects the secondary school pursues, go here.

We believe that education extends outside the classroom, and that extra curricular activities are an integral part of building a positive school community. We offer a variety of student programs and projects to help our students become more thoughtful, open-minded, self-reliant, responsible, and creative people, such as the National Honor Society.