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Brain Games

Thank you to all participants of this year's Brain Games in the Elementary, Middle, and High School. It was a day of fun and cross-curricular learning across all grade levels. Congratulations to our 6th graders for leading the teams in the Primary! Thank you to Kevin Clay for his Six Sigma training to our 11th and 12th graders.
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Early Childhood Track a Thon

Our 2020 Early Childhood Track-A-Thon raised money for the Manuel Gómez Morín preschool in El Colorado. Our families celebrated their efforts by running laps around our track. Our little ones showed us once more their determination and commitment when they work together!
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Un día sin nosotras

Our middle and high school teachers and students worked with the United Nations Goal #5: Gender Equality, with various projects and conversations regarding the Mexican national movement #undiasinnosotras
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